When Chocolate Grossed Me Out.

I hate to be one of Those People who get offended by stuff they come across on the Internet, but YouTube just forced me to watch this ad and it got me so riled up that I'm going to go ahead and rant for a bit here about a pressing matter that I've neglected discussing for months.As … Continue reading When Chocolate Grossed Me Out.


The Pool.

The Pool was where my cousins and I spent a large chunk of our childhoods splashing around in. It was our safe haven. It granted us respite from the sweltering summer sun. The monkeying around, the swimming classes which we never took seriously, the comical near-death experiences, the tears that would appear right on cue … Continue reading The Pool.

Battling Addiction.

I opened the blog today, determined to write something. Only, I had no clue what to write about. As I thoughtfully spent ten minutes poking out the Oreo cookie crumbs that were lodged in between the keys of my laptop, the topic suddenly seemed obvious.I'm sure no one can relate better to my relationship with … Continue reading Battling Addiction.