Redefining crazy with a 1980’s Tamil classic

I feel like I should preface this post with some kind of warning, but I don't know whom exactly to safeguard from this mess. If I had to pick one demographic to stay the hell away from this movie, it would be women.


He Sed(ition), She Sed(ition)

I'm terribly offended right now. Once you get around to forgiving me for that travesty of a blog title, you might ask why. No, not because I just watched the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies trailer. Like 90% of the global female population, I adore Jane Austen. You'd think that this abomination would offend my … Continue reading He Sed(ition), She Sed(ition)

That Mandatory Sentimental Chennai Post

Almost everyone who has grown up in Chennai (formerly Madras) has, at some point in their lives, written or shared That Mandatory Sentimental Post About Chennai, and since it's not often that I turn into a mushy ball of warm, fuzzy feelings, I'd better make use of this short window to do the same. The … Continue reading That Mandatory Sentimental Chennai Post

Eid reflections: Meat me halfway.

Every year around the time of Eid-ul-Adha (aka Bakrid), Internet activists come out in droves, mask their bigotry with animal welfare concerns and start talking smack about more than a billion people in the world who, apparently, go around sacrificing animals just for fun.

#KillerTiger, classy people.

If you happen to see uncensored footage of  a 20 year old mentally-ill man being killed by a tiger in front of mute spectators, including several children, and your reaction to it is-"OMG! A 20 year old mentally-ill man being killed by a tiger in front of mute spectators, including children! I MUST SHARE THIS VIDEO … Continue reading #KillerTiger, classy people.

News and Nuisance.

This morning, I woke up DESPERATELY wondering how Priyanka Chopra deals with heartbreak. Does she sulk? Is she just like you and me? And how often does she have to deal with heartbreak? I was DYING to know!!!!11 But how was I to find out this valuable piece of information? Which treasure trove filled with … Continue reading News and Nuisance.

Have Pen, Will Babble.

A couple of days ago, Chetan Bhagat took it upon himself to speak out on behalf of the entire young Indian Muslim community, via his column in- The Times of India, of course. Which begged the question- WTF? Whether the guy means well or not, how could he even think this was a good idea? … Continue reading Have Pen, Will Babble.