I went to see a Star War

Last weekend, I paid heed to Lucille Bluth's evergreen suggestion and went to see a Star War. I have some thoughts on this Star War.

News and Nuisance.

This morning, I woke up DESPERATELY wondering how Priyanka Chopra deals with heartbreak. Does she sulk? Is she just like you and me? And how often does she have to deal with heartbreak? I was DYING to know!!!!11 But how was I to find out this valuable piece of information? Which treasure trove filled with … Continue reading News and Nuisance.

Saving the world, one selfie at a time.

A few days ago, I found myself¬†befuddled by certain happenings on the great and magical world of social networking. Now, we all know that social networks are our Number One go-to choice of activity when we want to stimulate our senses and intellect, and encourage people's constant need for validation, which of course, is a … Continue reading Saving the world, one selfie at a time.

Some Valuable Tips For Women.

It's been a week since International Women's Day. I don't usually look for reasons to go on a sorta-feminist rant, but a GIRL on my Facebook just shared this and I couldn't just ignore the big neon sign that popped up in my head flashing "ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?". It isn't even the veiled … Continue reading Some Valuable Tips For Women.

Love and Other… Ugh.

Worrying about the fact that you haven't watched every Rom-Com made in the past decade? Wondering what you've missed out on and whether you'll get the time to watch them all? Fret no more! Here is a summary of all that you've missed: Girl is either ¬†a) An uptight workaholic with no time for love … Continue reading Love and Other… Ugh.