Redefining crazy with a 1980’s Tamil classic

I feel like I should preface this post with some kind of warning, but I don't know whom exactly to safeguard from this mess. If I had to pick one demographic to stay the hell away from this movie, it would be women.


I went to see a Star War

Last weekend, I paid heed to Lucille Bluth's evergreen suggestion and went to see a Star War. I have some thoughts on this Star War.

Love and Other… Ugh.

Worrying about the fact that you haven't watched every Rom-Com made in the past decade? Wondering what you've missed out on and whether you'll get the time to watch them all? Fret no more! Here is a summary of all that you've missed: Girl is either  a) An uptight workaholic with no time for love … Continue reading Love and Other… Ugh.


Bollywood is a waste of time, energy, money and sequins. Which is pretty harsh for someone, who only has watched an inconsequential number of Bollywood movies, to say. (Does Bride and Prejudice count? Mistress of Spices? Wait, why have I even seen these movies?) I make my biased judgement based on trailers, word-of-mouth and interviews. … Continue reading Nahiiii.