Everything you wanted to know about the hijab, but felt too awkward to ask.

"Why do you wear it?" It seems like a fairly innocuous question. Depending on my mood, my answer would be "Well, I'm Muslim and the hijab is part of my identity. I find it liberating, feminist even.  It's empowering to not worry about bad hair days or my body, to ignore fashion trends and not … Continue reading Everything you wanted to know about the hijab, but felt too awkward to ask.


Islamophobia isn’t racism- a rambling monologue

Islam isn't a race. Islamophobia isn't racism. Islamophobia isn't even a thing.

Eid reflections: Meat me halfway.

Every year around the time of Eid-ul-Adha (aka Bakrid), Internet activists come out in droves, mask their bigotry with animal welfare concerns and start talking smack about more than a billion people in the world who, apparently, go around sacrificing animals just for fun.

Suffrage and the Muslim woman.

As the world's largest democracy heads to the polling booth, I sit watching thousands of kilometres away, nibbling on strudel and wishing I could be part of the process. When election fever grips India, temperatures go off the charts, adding even more heat to the already scorching Indian summer. I scroll through news articles, read … Continue reading Suffrage and the Muslim woman.

Go, Malala!

If your knee-jerk reaction to Malala Yousafzai's speech at the UN did not involve you violently pumping your fist in the air, yelling "YOU GO, GIRL!!", checking yourself for yelling like a crazy person and possibly waking up the neighbours in the middle of the night, dabbing your damp eyes, engaging in some quiet introspection, … Continue reading Go, Malala!

Liberty isn’t just a hippie name for girls.

The open page of today's newspaper had a pleasant surprise in store for me. The Western media salivates and greedily laps up stories of  "Islam oppressed me but now I'm liberated so yay" by Muslim women who choose to give up religion. While the Ayan Hirsi Alis and Taslima Nasrins of the world hog the limelight … Continue reading Liberty isn’t just a hippie name for girls.

FAQ’s about the headscarf

My headscarf, like Kim Kardashian's derrière, has been the subject of a lot of curiosity. OK, maybe no one's thaat curious. But I was just trying to get your attention by randomly introducing female sex symbols into this post. Not that I'm complaining. I love being asked about it (The scarf, that is. Not Kim … Continue reading FAQ’s about the headscarf