Eat, Pray, Miss The Train.

Earlier this year, one of my closest friends from India announced that she was planning to visit me in Germany. The next few months passed in a blur of booking tickets, making plans and excitedly squealing over Skype. I was eager to treat her to some unforgettable hospitality, show her around, impress her with my German knowledge … Continue reading Eat, Pray, Miss The Train.


I bicycled 58 kilometres and lived to tell the tale.

I'm a relatively sane person, right? Don't answer that. Every once in a while, I impulsively conjure up crazy, borderline unrealistic ideas that I stubbornly refuse to back away from until they have been put into action. One such idea to bicycle all the way to the Linderhof palace 29 kilometres away and back. A whopping … Continue reading I bicycled 58 kilometres and lived to tell the tale.

How do you say No to Nostalgia?

I can't pin point the exact reason - maybe it's because we watched Boyhood a few days ago, maybe it's because it's Children's Day in India, or maybe it's the spicy fried rice I had for lunch that seems to be having a pool party in my stomach juices- but I've lately been feeling all … Continue reading How do you say No to Nostalgia?

World Cup Finals! With extra cheese.

Not trying to make you jealous or anything, but the best part about watching Germany beat Argentina to win the FIFA World Cup 2014 was watching the match whilst in Germany.  Unrelated: I love old-timey words like "whilst''. Since this sleepy little town didn't seem to have enough excitement for a cray party gal like … Continue reading World Cup Finals! With extra cheese.

The Pool.

The Pool was where my cousins and I spent a large chunk of our childhoods splashing around in. It was our safe haven. It granted us respite from the sweltering summer sun. The monkeying around, the swimming classes which we never took seriously, the comical near-death experiences, the tears that would appear right on cue … Continue reading The Pool.

Battling Addiction.

I opened the blog today, determined to write something. Only, I had no clue what to write about. As I thoughtfully spent ten minutes poking out the Oreo cookie crumbs that were lodged in between the keys of my laptop, the topic suddenly seemed obvious.I'm sure no one can relate better to my relationship with … Continue reading Battling Addiction.

The Cat.

Disclaimer: This be some emo sh*t, yo. Nine years ago, I got a call from my dad.Him: "Yo, daughta. Check out the classifieds! Some fancy felines are up for adoption. Call and find out what the 411 on the kittehs is."Me: "Booyah! You got it, dadday"I'm pretty sure that that conversation didn't happen in gangstah lingo, … Continue reading The Cat.